Beat the Hiring Biases

Build your Skill credibility and be the hottest candidate among the recruiters. 

Launched FameFlock Elite Club

Skill Credibility Platform for Hiring

Are you being Undervalued? Because you had bad luck in the past.

Just because your last venture failed

Because you got laid off due to external factors

Because you do not have university or college tag

Job Seeking is a Job in itself

Do you feel undeserving people game the interviews?

Many people fake CV’s and lie about the experience

Interview process can be gamed

There has to be credibility check mechanism before hiring

Gurpreet Singh

Ware House Operations
Ware House Management 97%
Vendor Management 97%
Spare Parts Sourcing 92%
Last Mile Operations 95%
Communication 99%

10X effective

Than Applying Through CV

Using your endorsed skills to seek jobs has shown a better outcome than CVs to our users. Your skillset is highlighted and employers can easily match what you can do to what they need.

Crowd Sourced and Unbiased

Let the industry prove your claims based on your work.

Once your profile is published, your skills will be viewed by the community. And they will decide how accurate are your claims base on your portfolio with a FameFlock Rating.

Apply for jobs with your profile and your ratings.

All the skills you have claimed will be listed in your FameFlock profile with your ratings. You can apply for jobs with your endorsed skillset easily.

Why CIBIL Score for Hiring?

Add Credibility to your Profile

There is huge disconnect for hiring managers trying to match real people to job descriptions. Candidates have no option but to rely on “gut instinct” of hiring manager and pay the price down the road. According to research, 46% of new hires fail within 18 months.*

Best Trajectory for your Career

You spend a lot of time on learning and upgrading your skill set. But putting everything on CV is next to impossible. Map your acquired skill set and get better profile score for match with better opportunities.

It Gives you an Edge

Current talent acquisition products and processes creates a very opaque and frustrating experience for the candidates. Process of building profiles score is a very meaningful and learning experience. Explore the broadest set of opportunities, access company and role-level insights, and deeply understand your fit — ensuring your next move is the right one.

Results Driven by Technology. Connections Built by Humans.

We don’t believe in tech for the sake of tech. And we don’t believe AI should be contained to an app or product or feature. Instead, we weave in our AI and automation throughout the TA suite, so you can build your business as you see fit.

Smart decisions can be made faster, repeatable tasks can be automated, and the experience can be personalized for both recruiters and candidates.

Are you and employer looking to hire great talent?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this cost me anything?

Everything’s free for candidates — we don’t charge you to work with a Talent Agent or use our job search tool. We keep things simple and straightforward: there’s no hidden paperwork or cost of any kind for candidates.

What happens after I apply?

We review every profile and application. We place a focus on delivering a truly exceptional experience for all candidates we work with, so our Talent Agents only work with a select number of candidates at any given moment.

Why should I join the Talent Network?

We’re building a community of vetted sales and marketing professionals supported by insightful Talent Agents. Members of our community have access to working with our Talent Agents and can participate in exclusive events and features.

How Does Referral Work?

You refer people in your network. Both candidates and recruiters. For every hire you get upto 10K perpetually. E.g If the same candidate is hired multiple times during his career each time you will get paid.

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