Human Way of Hiring

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Networking is The Most Effective Way to Find a Job

Starup Hiring is Difficult

We understand the..

  • Frustration of meeting unsuitable candidates
  • Offer dropping and offer hopping is way of like and killing lot of time
  • Lowering of expectation due to delay in hiring
  • How painful it is to put-up with highly toxic A**Ho** due to delay in finding right replacement

So is Finding the Right Job

We Understand..

  • Agony of waiting for response from the recruiter
  • Dedicating 2 precious hours of your life daily for applying jobs
  • Followup emails in hope for getting a response
  • Helplessness of attending every call in hope
  • Dressing up, beating traffic just to realize. Profile was a mismatch.

What if This can be Made Super Effective and Fun!

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