About Us

Redefining - Hiring

Resume don’t tell the whole truth but Data does. Remove bias & Hire best fit candidates.

Why Are we Doing This?

We have not seen anybody consistently performing badly throughout the career
Have You?

People are always capable - Sometimes they are in wrong setup at the wrong time.

People often stuck in wrong job and go through mental agony just because they do not want future employers to suspect their skills. We want create and environment where both people (Employee and Employers) have credible way of proving the skill set (CIBIL for Learning) not by judging number of Job hops in the resume.

Companies are for profit organizations and most of them are concerned for their on employees. When professionals shift jobs benefits like insurance etc are discontinued. Pandemic has shown how weak are employee protection measures.  We want to create a platform where irrespective of job status people are socially secure. 

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