Redefining - Hiring

Resume don’t tell the whole truth but Data does. Remove bias & Hire best fit candidates.

We are Redefining the way Hiring is Done

Formal Interviews are so outdated

Traditional way of hiring was invented for hiring of factory workers. It is so outdated and very inefficient when it comes to hiring for ambitious startups.

This Need to Change

Startup hiring mix multiple discussion and interactions. This can not be done in a formal way. It is like finding love of your life you need to meet multiple times and build mutual trust ofcourse lets forget the initial spark.

It is very personal than formal.

No judgements just compatibility

“It is not about from where people are coming from but much about where they can take you.”

Let’s Evolve

In Startups roles are unstructured and responsibilities are overlapping. So Hiring is much more about the compatibility, zeal and common passion. Rather than purely based past relevant experience.

Compatibility comes first in every relationship.

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